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Welcome to the website of Maya Hu-Chan, a specialist in global leadership, executive coaching and cross-cultural business skills and the founder of Global Leadership Associates.

Maya Hu-Chan and her team help global organizations to bridge the leadership and management challenges that stem from multi-national operations. They work with clients to understand how they work and develop strategies - which draw upon the strengths of both leaders and teams who may be working thousands of miles apart - to create effective cross-cultural businesses.

Maya has trained and coached thousands of leaders in “Global Fortune 500” companies throughout the Americas, Asia, and Europe and she is fluent in both Mandarin Chinese and English.

Her book,  “Global Leadership: The Next Generation”, has been chosen by Harvard Business School as one of their Working Knowledge recommended books.

In 2013, Maya was voted as a Top 8 Global Solutions Thinker by Thinkers50, a Top 30 Leadership Guru (Leadership Gurus) and a Top 100 Thought Leader in Management & Leadership by Leadership Excellence.

Learn more about Maya from her bio.

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E-mail: maya@globalleadershipassociates.com • Phone: +1-858-668-3288 • FAX: +1-858-630-2994